ECF – Fiscal Accounting Bookkeeping is the newest accessory obligation, related to IRPJ and CSLL, established by Brazil Federal Revenue. It is a mandatory fiscal bookkeeping to legal persons subject to actual profit taxation, presumed or arbitrated.

Companies must report in ECF the elements that are part of calculation base and such tax value, as well as economic and general character information.


  • Calculate and compare automatically IRPJ and CSLL by estimate and reduction/suspension balance sheet;
  • Minimize risk and non-compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Cut down time and effort to assess IRPJ and CSLL;
  • Minimize inconsistency risk among Accounting SPED, ECF and e-Lalur (ECF main block);


  • Integration with main ERPs;
  • Assessment from Accounting SPED;
  • Assessment process traceability;