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Tax Authorities control all your company operations by electronic means and data cross-checking systems. It means that the slightest register errors can lead to immediate losses, including:

  • Improper tax payment
  • Tax Authorities return of magnetic files with register errors
  • Good seizing in tax barriers due to document register errors
  • Transacting with companies in irregular standing before Tax Authorities
  • Being considered ‘non-taxpayer’, as every taxpayer in irregular standing is considered this way

Synchro Register Data Validation solution has been developed to achieve quick results, of high reliability in a short space of time. All processing control is automatic and provides official information from Federal Revenue and State Treasury websites, via SINTEGRA, along with query evidence image.

Learn about two practical examples of how your company can save and cut down risks by using Synchro Register Validation solution:

Example 1

Register error saving example

A company from Salvador sells an equipment batch at the value of R$ 100,000.00 for a customer in São Paulo

Due to register error, this customer IE (State Enrollment) is provided as exempt.

For such interstate operation, with exempt IE, ICMS aliquot (*) is calculated at 18%, that is, R$ 18,000.00 debit

If IE was correctly added, instead of example, ICMS aliquot would be 12%, that is R$ 12.000,00 debit

A register error cost, in this sole R$ 100,000.00, is, thus, R$ 6,000.00

(*) the aliquot does not consider differentiation by product

Example 2

ICMS improper credit use example.

Company purchases raw material at the value of R$ 1,000,000.00.

It considers, as ICMS credit a R$ 180,000.00 credit (18%).

The supplier´s State Enrollment is inactive in its state, being considered a ‘non-taxpayer’.

The credit mentioned cannot be used.

If it uses it, besides the later charge, the Company can be fined by improper use and be liable to interest and monetary correction over the value.

In this case, the loss is at least R$ 180,000.00.