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What is EFD REINF?

It is the new accessory obligation within the Digital Bookkeeping Public System, SPED. Replaced Social Security Contribution Retention and Information Digital Fiscal Bookkeeping (EFD-Reinf) is being developed as a complement to Fiscal, Social Security and Labor (eSocial) Obligation Digital Bookkeeping System.

Reinf submission term:

GROUP 1: Companies with revenue higher than R$78 million: submission on May 1st, 2018.

GROUP 2: Companies with revenue lower than R$78 million: submission on May 1st, 2018.

GROUP 3: Public Agencies: submission on May 1st, 2019.


  • Brazil Federal Revenue establishes that EFD Reinf requirement covers all companies subject to the following operations:
  • Fiscal document retentions (service contracting party).
  • Fiscal document retentions (service provider).
  • Rural production marketing (legal person).
  • Funds received and/or transferred to sports associations that have professional soccer team.
  • Social security over gross revenue.
  • EFD Reinf SYNCHRO. A complete, compliant and efficient solution to comply with new fiscal obligation.


  • Management: Every process stage management dashboards.
  • Compliance: Retained taxes assessment, event generation, submission and control.
  • Efficient: Reduces bookkeeping, generation and submission workload.
  • Easiness: In Cloud and On-Premise adoption.


  • Safety: In generation, transmission and management of events submitted to Tax Authorities.
  • Performance: High performance solution in every process stage.
  • Flexibility: It includes integration with fiscal data no found in ERP.
  • Traceability: Traceability of events generated and document used in their composition.
  • Rely on the experience of whom understands the tax market, has more than 900 SPED projects and more than 10-year experience in Tax Authority XML messaging projects.