Brazilian Tax Authorities grant to taxpayer companies right to ICMS credit related to good acquisition to permanent asset (CIAP).

In order to benefit from this credit, taxpayers must comply with additional controls, including: specific books to state asset acquisition operations, ICMS remaining balance control, individual controls by acquisition date, among others.

Synchro Fiscal Solution CIAP module has been developed to comply efficiently with requirements enforced by CIAP law. Controlling not only assets acquired at present, as well as operations occurred in the past, enabling extemporaneous ICMS credit survey, interacting with company asset systems, CIAP module becomes a complete and solid tool for taxpayer use in fiscal requirement handling.


  • Assessing and controlling fixed asset ICMS individually or in sets;
  • Transferring CIAP controls without losing history;
  • Generating credit using output and pro rata die factors;
  • Submitting appropriate credits automatically monthly to LRA;
  • Controlling past CIAP credits without losing installment count and remaining balances;
  • Issuing CIAP books;
  • Generating support reports.


  • For companies that are willing to benefit from this credit and that have several establishments, CIAP module can handle asset transfers safely and quickly, without damaging results and performance of the other internal systems. With CIAP module, it is possible.


  • COTEPE Acts 38/09 and 47/09 increased Fiscal SPED scope (Digital Bookkeeping Public System) in some records, including block G – CIAP Data and Fiscal document blocks, where accounting accounts become mandatory. CIAP module has been adapted to comply with new law and regulation requirements.