Know the tax solutions that Synchro offers:




SYNCHRO solutions are integrated with the ERP leaders, such as ORACLE (now including JDEdwards and Peoplesoft), SAP and INFOR. Besides those built integrations, running in many companies, SYNCHRO provides a generic integration module (open interface), which allows integrations building with other ERPs and legacy systems, at project time.




It is technology partner of the Amazon, the world leader in cloud computing. In partnership with Amazon, the SYNCHRO provides a high degree of security and availability to our customers. Currently, all offers of SYNCHRO in "Cloud" are hosted on Amazon servers..





In addition to alliances and integrations with leading ERPs, SYNCHRO has sales and service partners able to sell and deploy its solutions. Based on a certification grade, half yearly renewed, and delivered projects historical, partners are classified by SYNCHRO between three classification levels:


Business Partners













Implementation Partners