Know the tax solutions that Synchro offers:


SYNCHRO is the leading Brazilian tax solution vendor in Brazil, with a portfolio of more than 400 customers, 14,000 users and 44,000 legal entities.


Since 1991, SYNCHRO has been developing solutions that expertly meet the needs of the complex Brazilian fiscal scenario, thus providing tax compliance with reliability and visibility.




SYNCHRO solutions support the so called Tax Value Chain Management (TVCM), which accounts for the entire chain of tax and fiscal processes to which companies are subject, driving its users to the best tax practices at a low cost and IT impact.

To provide high value added tax governance solutions with the following objectives: 


    • Lawful tax burden reduction;
    • Reduction of tax administration cost;
    • Reduction of fiscal and labour obligations meeting cost;
    • Non tax compliance risk reduction.
    • To be recognized by the market by providing innovative and high value added tax solutions;
    • To be recognized by the market by providing the means for human and professional development of its employees;
    • To be the leading company in Brazil until 2016;
  • To became an international company  until 2017.


    • Truth;
    • Honesty;
    • Justice;
    • Excellence;
    • Human and professional development;
    • Social Responsibility.